The Twenty-First Century

Devil [2010]

“Devil” offers an interesting premise: five strangers who have commited various crimes in the past find themselves stuck in an elevator. It seemed like a normal enough day, but what these people don’t know is that someone has commited suicide in that same building earlier that day. Coincidence? Obviously not. With strange events occuring by the minute, one might wonder if this could be the work of the devil. Atmospheric horror movie doesn’t waste time with unecessary dialogue and goes straight to the point, but unfortunately runs out of gas after a while and reaches a somehow silly conclusion. Still, it has its moments, and will surely satisfy fans of the genre, even when you have an idea of how things will eventually end. This is the first film in “The Night Chronicles” trilogy, which involves the supernatural within modern urban society. Not bad, but we’ve all seen better.

Fun fact: To promote the movie, ‘M. Night Shymalan’ made a humorous parody video for the Internet taking the premise of the movie, but instead having it take place on an escalator.

Rating: 2/4

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