The Twenty-First Century

Easy A [2010]

“Easy A” offers an interesting theory that says:  Don’t sleep with anybody but pretend you did. It all starts with a small white lie about a young woman named Olive saying that she lost her virginity to an older guy. Of course it isn’t true, but rumors spread fast in highschool and the clean cut girl who used to be invisible in the eyes of everyone else will soon become the talk of the town. What seemed to be a nightmare at first will later become a source of inspiration, as Olive decides to use the rumor to advance her social and financial standing. “Easy A” is a funny and intriguing movie that can easily be distinguished from all the other “teen flicks” we see nowadays. The idea is fresh, and it completely avoids the usual cliches. It’s also a great showcase for the talented Emma Stone;  she’s been really good these past few years (recall her in “Superbad” and “Zombieland”), but this is the movie that will definitely put her on the map for good (Jesse Eisenberg did the same earlier this year in “The Social Network”). The movie works because it’s funny, but also because its smart; it cleverly pays tribute to some of the best teen comedies of the 80’s (“16 Candles”, “The Breakfast Club”), and I liked that about it. It borrows a little bit from those classic movies, but what makes “Easy A” a winner is the fact that it doesn’t add insult to inspiration, and manages to stand on its own. Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson are both terrific and delightful to watch as Olive’s parents.

Rating: 3/4

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