The Twenty-First Century

Where The Wild Things Are [2009]

“Where The Wild Things Are” seems to be aimed for a specific audience. Unfortunately, I wasn’t part of that audience. I admire Spike Jonze’s effort (after all I’m a huge fan of his movie “Being John Malkovich”), but I had mixed feelings about this one. A neglected and disobedient 9 year old boy creates his own world when his mother sends him to bed without his supper one night. There, he meets a race of large furry creatures who believe that the boy is their king. He pretends to be able to solve all their problems, until he realises that those wild things are just as emotional and needy as any other human being. People who have read the book might find something here, others beware (especially younger kids who might be terrified by some of the dark aspects of the story). The great sets and the clever use of CGI make this worth checking out, but it’s still something of a disappointment.


Rating: 2.5/4

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