The 50's

It Came From Outer Space [1953]

Another classic sci-fi movie worth mentioning about an alien spaceship that crashes in the Arizona desert. Its passengers take over the identities of the townspeople so they can walk around unnoticed, but it’s only after a few murders that a stargazer and a schoolteacher begin to suspect alien influence. “It Came From Outer Space” was probably one of the most succesful films of its genre back in the 50’s; the subject is fascinating, especially for those of you who can’t get enough of those wacky sci-fi movies from that era. It’s also important to mention that a 3D version of the movie was also available upon its release (how many of you were aware that 3D movies actually existed that long ago?).

Fun fact: The Universal make-up department submitted two alien designs for consideration by the studio executives. The design that was rejected was later used in “This Island Earth”.

 Rating: 3/4

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