The Circus [1928]

Brilliant Chaplin movie finds the tramp accidentally joining the circus, with hilarious consequences. Many critics do not consider this as excellent as “City Lights” or “Modern Times”, but there’s still plenty to enjoy here, especially the tightrope walking finale. There’s no doubt that Chaplin’s comedy is still fresh and funny today as it was some 80 years ago (I watched this one with a packed audience and everyone was laughing and cheering!). What’s more, he received a special oscar for writing, acting, producing and directing this. Great stuff!

Fun fact: “In the 1969 re-issue, the 80-year-old Chaplin sang the title song.”


Rating: 3.5/4

Categories: MUST-SEES, The 20's

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  1. HAHA! that movie rocks! it is brilliant of course. have you seen “Modern Times” ? one of Chaplin finest movies.

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