The Twenty-First Century

I Love You Phillip Morris [2010]

 I was very disappointed with Jim Carrey’s latest movie. We don’t get to see much of him anymore, but I always expect something good from him. Not the case with “I Love You Philip Morris”, a movie about a married man who turns gay after a sudden accident. His new lifestyle involves cons and frauds, before ending up in a state penitentiary where he meets the shy and sensitive Philip Morris. Strange vehicle for the talented Carrey who obviously deserves more than just an ok movie. What’s more, Ewan McGregor is totally wasted as Carrey’s love partner (I just couldn’t buy it). Based on a true story.

Fun fact: “In the last courtroom scene of the movie the real Phillip Morris can be seen standing next to Jim Carrey”.

Rating: 2/4

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  1. Thank you for your comment and the link to this review, I did see the movie a while back and I loved it, your review surprised me considering it is a really brilliant movie, yes it can be a bit strange as a movie and too flamboyant at one moment or another but the story all together is good and of course as always their acting is magnificent.

    • There’s a movie that won me over completely. It’s called “The Kids Are All Right”. Have u seen this one?

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