The Twenty-First Century

The American [2010]

The first thing you should know about “The American” is that it’s  not an action movie. The trailer made it look like one; it’s anything but. In fact, the story is slow paced, there isn’t much dialogue in it, and we barely see some action. Im pleased to say that I really enjoyed it. George Clooney is perfectly cast as an assassin who is sent to Italy for one last assignment. He wants out, and this last mission might be his ticket out. Clooney has been terrific these last few years; he’s an ideal hero in my opinion, and it’s hard not to root for him. “The American” is no exception; it’s a clever character study, well directed and beautifully shot in Italy. It’s definitely not for every taste (if you’re looking for an action movie you might want to watch “Machete” instead), but for patient viewers, it’s a rich and rewarding experience.

Rating: 3/4

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