The Twenty-First Century

Little Ashes [2009]

 “And I’ve been insulting myself by letting your shruddy practices, your pathetic, outdated theories and questionable characters shit on my genius”.

In 1922, a young Salvador Dali (played by Robert Pattinson) arrives at the university in Madrid and develops a friendship with poet Frederico Garcia Lorca (Javier Beltran) and film director Luis Bunel (Mathew McNulty). As time goes by, the friendship between Dali and Garcia develops into a love affair. Handsome production suffers from a weak dialogue and unecessary sex scenes, though Pattinson gives it his best (and it shows). The gay love scenes between the two leads might leave some Twilight fans in shock! Based on a true story; but so what?

Rating: 2/4

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    • I didnt know that either! But that’s the only interesting thing abt the movie really. They just focus on his relationship with the poet.

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