The Twenty-First Century

The Other Guys [2010]


“You have the right to remain silent… but I want to hear you scream! “

And I thought Will Ferell has lost his touch after last year’s mediocre flick “Land Of The Lost”. But he’s still here, doing what he does best. This time around, he teams up with Mark Walhberg (who’s surprisingly funny) as 2 mismatched police officers who desperately want to save the day. Call it “Starsky And Hutch” for dummies. The formula actually works at first, and the cast is game, but it wears off after a while, and never reaches a satisfying conclusion. Still, “The Other Guys” deliver enough jokes to satisfy fans of the genre, so it’s not a total loss. Also, I hear a second installment has already been planned, but whatever happened to that “Anchorman” sequel we’ve been promised?

Fun fact: “In the movie poster Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell have the same badge number of 10712.”

Rating: 2.5/4

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  1. Will Ferrel is alwayz fun to watch and in this movie its no exception. i pretty much enjoyed it and Mark Wahlberg is one of my fav actors out there. The movie itself isnt the best comedy movie out there but it still manages a few big laughs.

    Rating: 2.5/5

  2. 1-Land of the Lost: la2 horrible :p he definitely lost any vision in that one
    2-this one is nice, mech wow, bas will ferrel is hillarious!! he’s actually a good actor, i didn’t like him much at first, bas he seems to be a gd one :p

    • I hear he is a total ass in real life tho :p but who cares, I think he’s pretty funny. The first movie I saw him in was Anchorman. He was hilarious in that one. So yea since then I became a fan. Land of the lost was a total misfire, the other guys is a good comeback in my opinion.

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