The Twenty-First Century

Charlie St.Cloud [2010]

Good to see Zac Efron putting his High School Musical days behind. But there’s still something missing. In Charlie St Cloud, he takes on a much more serious role: the role of a young man who just lost his brother in a terrible car accident. He must now struggle to move on, but it’s no easy task, especially when he develops the ability to see dead people. After a promising start, the movie becomes way too unrealsitic and quite laughable actually. And what’s more, there’s zero chemistry between the two leads (Efron and Amanda Crew who is totally miscast here). But still, there are some emotional moments, and im pretty sure that Efron fans will have no problem enjoying this one (they did enjoy him in High School Musical afterall no?).

Rating: 2/4

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  1. yay la2 im not an Efron fan please la2 :p i love the way you described this movie: lauphable, unrealistic, and below 0 chemistry :p true and you’re being too generous Anis, 2 is too much :p

    • hehe u think? I didnt think it was completely hopeless, but yea the dialogue is laughable! Not sure where Efron’s career is heading. I heard he was pretty good in a movie called “Me And Orson Welles”. Been looking for it for a year now but havent found it yet. If u ever come across it, let me know :p

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