The Worst Lebanese Movies On Netflix

In my previous post, I tackled a few good Lebanese movies worth streaming in Netflix. But going through their catalogue again, I spotted a lot of terrible films that shouldn’t be given a platform to begin with. Let’s go through them.


1- Max W Antar [2016]
By far one of the worst things to ever come out of  a Lebanese studio, “Max W Antar” is a disastrous comedy that made me want to walk out of the theatre at the time of its release. Elie Mitri is completely wasted as an ex Wall Street trader who is forced to return to Lebanon with his dog for a fresh start. Once the premise is out of the way, the rest of the film feels like a painfully unfunny sketch that makes no sense whatsoever. One can’t blame the actors, who do their best, but the material they have to work with here is basically hopeless. This is a horrible film that should have never been released, let alone be given a platform on Netflix.


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2- Welcome To Lebanon [2016]
Where do I even begin? It seems that 2016 was a terrible year for Lebanese comedies, and “Welcome To Lebanon” takes the cake.  After 30 years in the United States, a businessman decides to take his wife and daughter to Lebanon for a visit. Everything that follows rings cringingly false, from the annoying, one-dimensional characters, to the terrible storyline that will have you looking for the nearest exit. This is as bad as they come, and it gets worse and worse as we move along. I have no idea who greenlit this film, but to see it on Netflix is an unpardonable sin.



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3- Bighamdet Ein [2017]
It’s not as bad as “Max W Antar” or “Welcome To Lebanon”, but that’s not saying much. Ziad Bourji sells tickets, and that’s one of the reasons why he’s in almost every Lebanese comedy these days. In his first outing with Falcon, he played an architect who falls for the new girl at the company he works for. Nothing truly disastrous ever happens here, but the movie’s a total bore, so much in fact that I walked out before it even ended. Bourji’s films got slightly better after this one, but not enough to justify their existence.




4- Habbet Caramel [2017]
Arguably the worst movie starring Maguy Bou Ghosn, “Habbet Caramel” is beyond awful and beyond repair. Bou Ghosn plays a woman who can read people’s minds, thanks to a piece of candy (don’t ask). The result is a movie that bores you so breathless you want to take names and exact punishment. No film anchored in so much idiocy should be given a platform. The premise itself was based on a TV series, also starring Bou Ghosn. Let’s hope we don’t see her character ever again.




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More movies: Vitamin [2014], Wel3ane [2016], The Second Lady [2015]

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