The Vast Of Night [2020] ★★½

As someone who admired 1950’s B Sci-Fi films for so long, I thought “The Vast Of Night” was a fitting tribute to a bygone era that still entertains audiences even in 2020. Directed by Andrew Patterson and starring Sierra McCormick and Jake Horowitz, “The Vast Of Night” tells the story of two young adults who discover a strange audio frequency one night while doing their regular radio show in New Mexico. What could it possibly be? That’s the hook that will lead you into this intriguing little film. It’s talky for sure, and takes a while to take off, but once it does, you’re in for something truly fascinating. So if you’re familiar with such classic films as “It Came From Outer Space”, War of The Worlds” and “Close Encounters”, you’ll feel right at home here. I know I did.

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