Fractured [2019] ★★½

Movies like “Fractured” have been around since…well…forever. Want more proof? Check out Alfred Hitchcock’s 1938 superior film “The Lady Vanishes” or its 2005 rip-off “Flightplan” starring Jodie Foster as a mother whose daughter goes missing on a flight from Berlin to America. Netflix’s “Fractured” falls somewhere in between. It’s not great, not by a long shot, but it keeps you guessing for a while, even with a familiar storyline. Sam Worthington plays a family man who rushes to the hospital when his daughter fractures her arm. Then she goes missing, along with his wife. Naturally, no one in the hospital will admit that they were ever there to begin with, which forces our man to question the staff’s intentions. This entirely watchable mystery thriller benefits from a solid performance by Worthington, who is completely believable as a father who would stop at nothing to get some answers. Of course, the third act is routine stuff, but up until then, watching Worthington trying to put the pieces together is worth the price of admission alone.

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