Child’s Play [2019] ★★½

I couldn’t care less about a remake of the 1988 cult classic “Child’s Play”, but now that I’ve seen it, I guess you could do worse. This is a decent enough updated version that’s actually more gruesome than any other film in the franchise. Bonus points for having Mark Hamill as Chucky this time around. He’s probably one of the main reasons to see this modern version and he’s fully up to the task (no surprises there). In terms of plot, you’ve got Aubrey Plaza, a single mom who gifts her son Andy a Buddi doll, the new technologically advanced doll in the market. Yea, I guess you could guess what happens next. There are some nice little tweaks here and there that truly bring Chucky into the 21st century. And despite a predictable plot, fans of the genre will enjoy some of its gory moments. Like I said, I wasn’t looking forward to yet another Chucky film, let alone a reboot. But I didn’t mind the overall result.

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