Rambo: Last Blood [2019] ★½

Face it: John Rambo was one of the most iconic action heroes of the 20th century. The first three movies were released back in the 1980’s and inspired a generation of action filmmakers. Naturally, Sylvester Stallone would want to give his character a fitting farewell. His 2008 comeback was good, but it never gave us a proper ending. So excuse me if I walked in to see “Last Blood” expecting a solid conclusion to the Rambo franchise. Alas, it was obvious from the word go that this would be a complete misfire. And I wasn’t wrong; this is a poorly executed action film that will rank as one of the biggest disappointments of the year. If the movie has any life (and that’s debatable), it comes from seeing Sly back in action as John Rambo. His mission this time around? Go to Mexico to save his niece from a bunch of bad dudes. I know the drill. You know the drill. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a brainless action film that delivers on its promise. Except “Last Blood” doesn’t deliver much. Story? Generic. Action scenes?  Dull as hell. Climax? Nothing worth mentioning. The idea of seeing Sly one last time as John Rambo made us all drool. So it’s a shame that the overall result didn’t live up to the expectations. Aside from a few solid scenes, “Last Blood” doesn’t have a reason to exist.

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  1. I was happy to see John Rambo finally at home and in some peace, at least at the beginning of this film. The rest of the series seemed to always have him in jungles everywhere.

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