Cam [2018] ★★½

This Netflix movie came out of nowhere. I had no idea what it was, I wasn’t familiar with most of the actors, but somehow I ended up clicking play. Much to my surprise, it was an intriguing thriller, a bit similar to “Searching”, but not quite as good. Still, it kept me on the edge of my seat, up until the climax, so I have to give it some credits. Basically this is the story of Alice, an erotic cam performer who finds out that she was replaced by an exact replica one morning. How does it work you might ask? You’ll have to see for yourself. I’m deliberately keeping the story vague so you get to experience it the way I did. All I can tell you is that it works. I thought I’d be bored before the hour mark, but the movie kept me intrigued, and I had to find out how things would unravel. I know I’ve echoed my thoughts about Netflix’s less than satisfying quality of movies, but “Cam” is better than most thrillers playing on the big screen. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s smart and quite entertaining actually.

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