Robin Hood [2018] ★½

 It’s been a few hours since I’ve witnessed this atrocity and I only have one question: why the hell would they make a bad “Robin Hood” movie in 2018? Either do it right or don’t do it at all. I’ll cut right to the chase: This movie has no reason to exist; it’s dull, generic, and downright stupid at times, which is weird considering all the talent involved. Jamie Foxx (why?) leads a cast (I say “leads” because I saw no sign of Robin Hood in this movie) that includes Taron Egerton (so good in “Kingsman”, so bad here) and Jamie Dornan (come to think of it that guy is bad in almost anything). The plot? An epic bore. Robin of Loxley joins forces with Foxx to revolt against the boring English crown. You know how these generic action movies go these days: chaotic action scenes and a shitload of special effects. Talk about sound and fury signifying nothing. And it’s a shame, because you would expect a Robin Hood movie to be at least decent in this day and age. No such luck here. Instead, this movie robs you of two hours that you’ll never get back. It’s that forgettable.

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