Geostorm [2017] ★★

You don’t walk in to see a disaster movie starring Gerard Butler expecting quotable dialogue or a ground-breaking story. And “Geostorm”, written and directed by Dean Devlin doesn’t claim to be something it’s not. It does offer eye-popping special effects, but everything else, from the acting to the cheesy climate premise, is mediocre at best. To be fair though, Gerard Butler seems like the perfect candidate for this kind of mission: he plays a satellite designer who must save the world from a deadly storm when the planet’s only climate control begins to mess up. Basically if you’re a sucker for disaster flicks (and many people are), you should see “Geostorm” to witness what an army of CGI can truly do in 2017. Forget the corny emotional moments (a la “Armageddon”) or the predictable finale, the only reason to see this film is for its impressive visual effects. As for logic? The movie doesn’t give a damn. All I could hear was Gerard Butler’s hilarious one-liners. “Yeah, sorry about that. I literally had to fly in from outer space”, he says when he showed up an hour late to a meeting. And that’s how you make a disaster movie!

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