Power Rangers [2017] ★½

 It’s pointless to try and figure out why this version of “Power Rangers” was made. The movie only exists because of Hollywood’s need to reboot pretty much every popular show/movie ever made. So how to describe my reaction? I’m not angry. Indifferent, perhaps. But not angry. I walked in with no particular expectations and walked away wondering if I should revisit the cheesy (but enjoyable) TV series of the 90’s, for nostalgia’s sake (I found none of that in the new film). In terms of plot, there’s nothing much to say: this is an origins story, which means we get to discover how 5 high-school misfits will eventually become the Power Rangers, designed to save the galaxy from a deadly threat. Yawn. Director Dean Israelite takes ages to get things going, and when he does, you’ll be begging for the damn thing to end. Of course, the idea of seeing the Power Rangers again on the big screen sounds fantastic. But there’s nothing truly fantastic about these new Power Rangers. Elizabeth Banks makes an amusing villain, I have to admit, but the whole movie feels like it was made out of spare parts. Nothing sticks to the mind and heart. Nothing. The thought of a sequel to this soulless Hollywood product worries me. Go Go Power Rangers. And never come back.

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