Monster Trucks [2016] ★★

 monstertrucksposterFirst the good news: this is better than any “Transformers” sequels, for the simple fact that the characters in it actually have words to say. But that’s not saying much is it? Shot in 2014 and originally scheduled for a 2015 release, Paramount pictures later on decided to move its release date to 2016, then January 2017 to complete post-production. You can tell they had no faith in it, hence the disastrous box office numbers. And when a movie bombs so hard, I get curious. Is it as bad as they say it is? Quite frankly, it isn’t the disaster it’s been made out to be, nor is it an unqualified success. It has its share of good ideas, that’s for sure, but not enough fuel to carry it through. Lucas Till plays a high school senior (though he looks 30) who builds a monster truck out of spare parts. One night, he finds a weird looking creature who also happens to have a thing for…wait for it…fast cars! There’s also a subplot involving Rob Lowe as the head of an oil and gas company who would stop at nothing to capture this creature. You get the picture. I can only call the finished product an OK family film, with entertaining parts followed by cheesy stretches. As to why the folks at Paramount decided to keep it on hold for so long, I have no idea what they hoped to accomplish. All I can say is that I didn’t mind watching “Monster Trucks”, but I don’t think I’ll remember it by next week.

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  1. The movie was pushed back so many times because of post-production. In 2015 they had a test screening for kids and all the kids were terrified because of how the monster looked so they had to alter its looks and push the movie back.

    • Hey Salim yes that’s what I heard as well. Sadly, it didn’t help. The movie tanked in the States. But I disagree with most critics it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

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