When The Bough Breaks [2016] ★½

when_the_bough_breaks_ver2I cringed so many times during “When the Bough Breaks”. Most times when Morris Chestnut and Jazz Sinclair had scenes together. He plays a married man who desperately wants a baby with his wife (Regina Hall). Problem is: they can’t conceive unless they hire a surrogate mother. That would be Anna (Sinclair) who turns out to be…wait for it…a psychotic bitch! I’d call this lazy thriller a modern take on “Fatal Attraction” but that would be an insult. At least “Fatal Attraction” was actually suspenseful. This one is minus suspense, soul, and any valid reason to exist. It baffles me that writer director Jon Cassar thinks we’re stupid enough to swallow this cheesy thriller in 2016. We’ve seen it all and better. Much much better.

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