Zoolander 2 [2016] ★½

 Zoolander-2-PostersSomebody owes me an explanation. I left “Zoolander 2” wondering how bad things happened to two of my favorite comedians, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. What the hell happened dudes? You guys were funny in the first “Zoolander” movie back in 2001, and I still have fond memories of 2004’s “Starsky and Hutch”. So why does this sequel suck so bad? Stiller and Wilson are usually a hoot together. I tried to remind myself of that as I watched “Zoolander 2”, a pointless and mostly unfunny film that can only be seen in a positive light because it’s slightly better than any Adam Sandler comedy. I won’t waste much time on the plot. Suffice it to say that former model Derek Zoolander and his partner Hansel are back and they’ve both lost their mojo. What was funny back in 2001 clearly isn’t in 2016. Gags range from a ridiculous Justin Bieber cameo to more cameos featuring an endless list of celebrities. Yawn. Stiller and Wilson are probably having a laugh about it. But I had little reason to laugh as I suffered through this time-waster. If you enjoyed the first film, then for the love of God stay away from this sequel.

Rating: 1.5/4

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