Hail, Caesar! [2016] ★★½

hail-caesar-xlg The Coen brothers’ love letter to post-WWII Hollywood is no match to their older films, but it has a great cast and enough production values to keep you amused for a while. It paints an evocative picture of Hollywood and the methodology of filmmaking from that era, while offering solid roles for Josh Brolin and Georges Clooney, two of my favorite actors. Brolin plays Eddie Mannix, a studio executive who really existed, though everything else is fictional, including Clooney’s character who happens to be one of the studio’s biggest stars. While shooting a Biblical epic called “Hail, Caesar!” (more like “Ben-Hur”), Clooney is abducted by a couple of men who are working for a Communist group. And this is where things go crazy, as they should, especially if you’re familiar with the Coens and their style. But while their latest effort is well acted and solidly crafted with a keen eye for detail (look for Channing Tatum channeling Frank Sinatra in “Anchors Aweigh”), it’s not a film I would remember for years to come. Still, one can applaud what Joel and Ethan Coen have created. They’ve given us a unique moviegoing experience, and If you love old movies, you should definitely check it out.

Rating: 2.5/4

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