The Gunman [2015]

The-Gunman-Poster-3Unlike many people, I didn’t quite hate “The Gunman”. Sure, the movie comes up short and doesn’t always make sense, but its credentials are impeccable: a fine cast headed by Sean Penn, Javier Bardem and Jasmine Trinca just for starters, and directed by Pierre Morel (who did such a fine job with the first “Taken” and the french movie “District B13”). The story has the makings of an old fashioned action/thriller: Penn plays Jim Terrier , a former soldier who finds himself hunted by a group of assassins because of a top secret mission he was involved in 8 years earlier. That’s cue for director Pierre Morel to stage non-stop action scenes that will definitely satisfy fans of the genre. That said, the human element of the story—including a romantic rivalry—plays out in clunky, heavy-handed fashion. None of this is the fault of the actors, who do a good job, especially Penn who gives it his best shot as an action hero. The result is an entertaining action yarn that feels untouched by human hands. Condemn it or enjoy it for what it is? You be the judge.

Rating: 2.5/4


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