Repentance [2014] ★½

repentance-Repentance_KA_JLY_11_W3-Online_rgbForest Whitaker was so good in his Oscar winning performance in “The Last King Of Scotland” so why did he go and spoil everything with a cheesy thriller that buries him in endless clichés? I’d call this turd “Misery” meets “Psycho” but that would insult those movies. Much like “No Good Deed” (another movie you should avoid), “Repentance” doesn’t move at all. Whitaker plays a mentally ill man who takes his new shrink (Anthony Mackie) hostage, tying him up in his basement and torturing him like there’s no tomorrow. So where’s the fun? Nowhere. Writer/director Philippe Caland has built something silly and boring all in the name of a big, climactic twist that is anything but shocking. The real shock of “Repentance” is seeing a good actor like Forest Whitaker do it for the sake of a quick buck. And that’s sad sad sad.

Rating: 1.5/4

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