The Equalizer [2014] ★★½

the-equalizer-poster-denzel-washington-405x600Confession: I thought this movie would suck. Denzel Washington back playing a killing machine a decade after “Man On Fire”? Please. Well, my bad. “The Equalizer”, this time directed by Antoine Fuqua, is a roller-coaster ride that takes off like a crazy-ass rocket. Your head will spin. Your palms will sweat. Your nerves will fry. What more do you want from an action thriller? A layered plot and deep-dish profundity? Yea right. The selling points here are action scenes. And this movie delivers exactly that and more. Washington ignites as Bob McCall, a regular, everyday man who works at a home-improvement warehouse. Except, Bob isn’t exactly a regular guy. He’s a man with a mysterious past. When a young girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) gets in trouble with her pimp, our man quietly makes the decision to set her free. The result? Every movie junkie knows the answer. In the film’s second half, Antoine Fuqua lets the action fly off the rails. And what has been a tasty if overcooked dialogue in Richard Wenk’s script turns into something absurd, especially towards the end. What saves the day is Denzel Washington’s presence, who keeps getting better and better even after all these years. Once again, this is his show, and his charismatic, take-charge character is the thrilling creation that gives “The Equalizer” all the bite it needs.

Rating: 2.5/4

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