The Purge: Anarchy [2014]

The-Purge-Anarchy-Movie-Poster-July-18-640x1013The first “Purge” cost $3 million to make and ended up making $64 million. I thought you should know this fact because it’s the only damn thing left for Hollywood to exploit in a franchise. This ridiculous sequel is more of the same, only less likable; Once a year, for 12 hours, the government condones robbery, rape and murder. That’s cue for five good people to wind up running for their lives on the nasty streets of Los Angeles during this night of terror. Considering the number of horror disappointments with a “2” after the title, I did not approach this movie with much optimism, even though director James DeMonaco shows a sure hand at building tension. Sadly, my fear was justified 10 minutes later. The idea of a Purge isn’t merely a bad concept, but a dumb and irrelevant one. And even that could have been forgiven had the movie actually tried to have fun with the idea in the first place, but it does not. The movie plods along between plot points without any direction and you can see every turn in the plot coming for miles. As far as sequels go, “The Purge: Anarchy” is silly, repetitive, and far from interesting. I say skip it.

Rating: 1.5/4

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  1. I must say I really enjoyed The Purge: Anarchy. It was such a vast improvement over the last one, with a lot to say about American society…surprisingly resonant.

    • I couldn’t stand it. The first one had a decent plot but the execution lacked. This one was repetitive and I couldn’t care less about any of the characters. I hope they don’t end up making 10 more sequels!

      • I think now that SAW and Paranormal are kinda done, we may be seeing a lot of these :P. I hope they don’t make too many of them because so far they have 2 pretty solid entries. But yeah they’re going to milk it.

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