Admission [2013] ★★

admission_xxlgPairing likable Paul Rudd and the hilarious Tina Fey in “Admission” would seem to be a perfect comedy setup. The results, however, are less than perfect and that’s a bummer. Fey plays Portia Nathan, a Princeton admissions officer dedicated to choosing only the best. Later on she runs into into school teacher John Pressman (Rudd), a former college classmate who tells her that his student Jeremiah, a smart guy with lousy grades, may be her son. Oh did I mention that Jeremiah’s dream is to become a Princeton student? The best thing I can say about this predictable comedy is that both actors are fearless comedians who can handle any kind of situation. But I hope somebody will devise a better vehicle for their talents because I would love to see them together in a movie again. Paul Rudd is a reliable straight-man, as he’s proven many times before (“I Love You Man” is a fine example), and Tina Fey couldn’t be more talented. That’s why they both deserve a better movie than “Admission”.

Rating: 2/4

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