Parental Guidance [2012] ★★

parental-guidance-posterOK family movie with predictable slapstick moments is strengthened by Billy Crystal and Bette Midler’s performances as grandparents who find themselves having to take care of their three grandkids when their parents (Marisa Tomei and Tom Everett Scott) go away for work. Works better if you’ve never seen “Cheaper by the Dozen”, “Daddy Day Care”, “Are we there yet?”, “Uncle Buck”, “The Pacifier”, “Kindergarten Cop”, “Mr. Nanny” , “The Spy Next Door” and “The Nanny Diaries” .

Rating: 2/4

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  1. “Cheaper by the Dozen”, “Daddy Day Care” and “Are we there yet?” are wretched borrible films. The surprising thing is, this wasn’t. It had a lot more heart than I was expecting. I was ready to hate this film and I didn’t. I even chuckled a few times.

    Just posted my own review.

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