Wanderlust [2012] ★★

I don’t want to sound like a party pooper, but “Wanderlust” is one of the few Paul Rudd movies that I couldn’t enjoy. Now don’t get me wrong. The man is still a pleasure to watch. But I couldn’t care less about the plot or its outcome. The best thing I can derive from it however is the certainty that Rudd has already got another movie in the oven, and in a way, that is a great relief. Director David Wain (“Role Models”) has conceived a multi-character story set in a hippie-ish commune called Elysium, but sorry to say, it falls flat. Rudd and Jennifer Aniston play the married couple who stumble onto this community when they were forced to flee New York. Once there, they realize that this may just be what they need: tranquility and escape from the hectic life in the Big Apple. Yea I bet you can see the set up coming. Weird hippies surrounded by nature. If this is your cup of tea, you may be the perfect audience for this bizarre movie. But in case you’re anything like me, you will find the humor overly familiar and silly. I wasn’t amused by any of the story’s elements; from the annoying supporting characters to the lame jokes, it just doesn’t work. What saves it from being a complete waste of time is the chemistry between Rudd and Aniston. Luckily enough, the fact that both actors are likable and funny almost makes it OK to invest in this movie. But overall, I can only call the finished work a misfire. But rather than dwell on this misfire, I prefer to think about David Wain’s last film, which was so entertaining, and look forward to the next.

Rating: 2/4

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