The Twenty-First Century

Chronicle [2012]

I know what you’re thinking: we’ve had enough of this whole “found footage” gimmick. It worked a few times before, mainly with horror films, so how can it possibly work when it comes to superheroes? If that’s the case, it would be easy for you to dismiss “Chronicle” as a failed attempt, without even having to see it. However, and while it may not be a great movie, “Chronicle” is filled with surprises and it is living proof that there’s more ideas in the genre than just spooky horror stories. Bear with me for a second: three friends encounter a mysterious entity one night that results in the trio developing advanced telekinetic abilities. Which means they can do magic now; mess with girls, shift cars in the parking lot, and even fly at some point! But with great powers comes great danger, and soon enough, the fun turns into something…wait for it… brutal and destructive. Alright look, the film doesn’t try to break any new rules or anything, but since it was filmed in a “found-footage” format, it was incredibly fun watching the guys discover their new abilities. Yes it does get repetitive at some point, but overall, “Chronicle” truly raises the bar for future found footage movies, simply because it is better than most (enough with “Paranormal Activity” sequels, for the love of God). Director Josh Trank certainly keeps the fun going throughout, but I’m afraid I saw his climactic scene coming almost a mile away. Still, he and writer Max Landis have filled the movie with enough colorful details to maintain a fair degree of suspense. The result is a movie that’s diverting and genuinely exciting to watch, and even with its flaws it provides solid entertainment and a great showcase for its stars.

Rating: 2.5/4

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    • Im in love with Cloverfield. Best found footage movie indeed. “Chronicle” is close, but not as good. Would love see another J.J Abrams project.

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