The Twenty-First Century

The Lucky One [2012]

Ok here’s the thing: I don’t quite hate Zac Efron, despite the awful career choices induced by the “High School Musical” series. He’s proved himself a worthy actor in the underrated “Me and Orson Welles” (I seriously urge you to check it out). However, I’m not much of a Nicholas Sparks’ fan, even though the guy has many faithful followers. Ever since “The Notebook” became a fan favorite back in 2004, the cheesy, lousy bestsellers of Nic Sparks has been shoved down our throats several times in the past few years: “Nights In Rodanthe”, “Dear John” and the crap-tacular “The Last Song” come to mind. Now “The Lucky One” is out. Is it his worst movie so far you may wonder? The answer is no. In fact, it’s not really a bad movie per se, nor it is an unqualified success. It has enough beautiful landscapes for 3 movies, but not enough heart, which is one of its problems. The plot is pretty straightforward: Efron plays a Marine who, while serving in Iraq, finds a photo of a pretty woman that’s been left on the ground; that moment’s pause saves his life (don’t ask), so when he returns home, he decides to track the woman down and thank her personally. The woman, played by Taylor Schilling  runs a kennel with her grandma. She is divorced (but of course!), and is raising her young son Ben. But Beth could use a man around. So our boy Efron takes a job in her dog kennel, and wins over both her grandmother and young Ben. But can he do the same to her? Hmmm. I think it’s fair to say that moviegoers who seek out movies like “The Lucky One” know exactly what to expect from these adaptations. They crave happy endings, even after enough tears have been shed. That’s all true here, and it’s all part of the formula, Sparks’ formula that is. “The Lucky One” was easy to watch as far as I’m concerned, and even easier to forget. But if you’re a sucker for Nicholas Sparks, this might seem like the movie event of the year. Whatever floats your boat.

Rating: 2/4

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  1. You’re a brave man Anis haha…2\4 is unexpectedly good cz i hated the trailer..anyway, will it be awkward for a single guy to watch this with his friends? 😛

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