The Twenty-First Century

Act Of Valor [2012]

It’s hard for me to review a movie like “Act Of Valor” because technically, it’s not even a movie. In fact, it’s a tribute to real-life Navy SEALs, the heroes who took down Osama bin Laden. Nothing wrong with that. And as a documentary, it would have been perfect. Unfortunately, this ain’t a documentary, and while it barely succeeds as a tribute to servicemen, it fails in almost everything else. Why? Because  filmmakers Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh thought it would be wise to cast real life Navy SEALS to play themselves. Their acting skills? not so good. There’s absolutely no doubt that some moviegoers will likely connect with the characters and situations portrayed in the film (American or not); however, for cinephiles looking for some kick-ass action, “Act Of Valor” never rises above the routine. The plot is pretty basic, as we follow Navy SEALs on a rescue mission – one that quickly evolves into a multifaceted operation to stop Islamic extremists from infiltrating U.S. borders and unleash a series of devastating terrorist attacks in a number of American cities. Yawn. I don’t mean to dissect a movie that is clearly intended as a tribute and nothing more. But there is good tribute and then there’s this. I’ll say no more, but if you’re male, older than 12, and you have a choice between this and “Wrath of the Titans”, I’d suggest staying home and playing Call of Duty.

Rating: 1.5/4

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