The Twenty-First Century

Seeking Justice [2011]

Nicolas Cage must be of the busiest actors in Hollywood these days, having four films released in 2011 alone. But if you’ve seen most of these movies, we can surely agree that quantity does not equal quality. “Season Of The Witch”, “Drive Angry” and “Trespass” can all be described as misfires. “Seeking Justice” is not a turkey or an embarrassment. It’s just a formula-driven movie that takes far too long getting where it’s going. For once, Nic Cage brings credibility to this thriller. I just wish he’d also brought along a better script. The story: Cage plays Will Gerard, a New Orleans schoolteacher who becomes upset when his much-loved wife (January Jones) is raped one night. At the hospital, a mystery man (Guy Pearce in a chilling role) shows up and offers to help bring summary justice to the assailant. Will agrees. But then the mystery man demands favours in return, and Will finds himself the target of a sinister group of vigilantes. There are some good, well crafted moments in this seriously under-cooked thriller, involving Cage trying to avoid Pearce in a cat and mouse game, but the story never rises above the routine. Director Roger Donaldson’s thriller is nowhere near the quality of the last film to feature Cage in New Orleans, Werner Herzog’s “Bad Lieutenant”, but it may satisfy those who are looking for a modestly entertaining chase thriller. Cage gives it his best, particularly when you consider that a completely unnecessary sequel to the truly poor Ghost Rider will be hitting our screens in 2012. Now this should be a disaster.

Rating: 2/4

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