The Twenty-First Century

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol [2011]

Unlike most series I’ve watched, this one has improved greatly over the years. It seems that Tom Cruise was only warming up when he kicked the shit out of Philip Seymour Hoffman at the end of “MI3”. I never expected to see another sequel. But now it’s here, and I can safely say that it’s by far the best one yet. “Ghost Protocol” is a slick, fast paced action thriller that will surely push your adrenaline buttons. It’s a sequel that has everything one could ask for: a solid story, a superb cast playing interesting characters, pulse-pounding action, and the element of surprise. It’s violent, visceral, and completely captivating. Cruise reprises the role that made him famous in 1996 in style, playing Ethan Hunt, the IMF agent who specializes in getting out of almost anything. Check out a pulse pounding opening scene with Hunt busting out of a Moscow prison with the aid of his tech assistant Benji Dunn (a hilarious Simon Pegg). But after a bomb blows up in the Kremlin, the president initiates “ghost protocol”, which means that Hunt and his team have been cut loose from the government, and have to survive on their own, unless they can restore nuclear launch codes from the bad guy and save the world. This will require Mr. Cruise to hang from the 123rd floor of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest building. You won’t believe your eyes. You might think that there aren’t any new ways to depict city-bound car chases or even undercover missions. But director Brad Bird and his cinematographer have other ideas. Each set piece is incredibly gripping and thrilling, making “MI4” one of the most entertaining movies of the year.

I dreaded the idea of another “Mission: Impossible” movie at first. But after two hours of awe-inspiring adventures, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. The movie takes every negative expectation from its corny title, its newbie director and uses it for fuel; it runs faster and better than any other action film I’ve seen this year. And best of all, it’s showing in glorious 2D! Hang on!

Rating: 3/4

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  1. I went to see it because I’m a huge fan of Brad Bird and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I still want him to do animations tho. My main problem was that the movie lacked the originality, but still it was entertaining to watch. Some people i know went through an in depth analysis…the “how did he wasn’t….how he blah blah” kind of stuff..I just told them it’s and MI movie..just turn your brain off and enjoy the action scenes! Simon Pegg was absolutely brilliant.i freakin love this man! ( 2,5\4)

    • I totally agree. This is an MI movie. We’re not supposed to expect Shakespeare. No need for analysis here. I enjoyed it, without having to think about the little details that usually bug me. And Simon Pegg is genius!

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