The Twenty-First Century

Bellflower [2011]

Watching a movie as fresh and unpredictable as “Bellflower” renews my faith in American movies. The basic story seems to follow a familiar path: sensitive boy meets hot girl, goes on a date and falls in love. Girl breaks boy’s heart, and buddy tries to help him pick up the pieces. But then the plot takes an unexpected turn. No need for you to know more. “Bellflower” needs to be seen. Film fans who’ve had enough of watching the same old crap every week usually seek out creative filmmaking. I know it’s a bit of a struggle to find such films, but they do exist and “Bellflower” is the perfect satisfying example of a low budget movie done right. Star Evan Glodell is also the film’s director, writer and co-editor. He even built his own camera with custom lenses. The movie was made on a very tight budget, with relatively unknown actors, which makes it a must for film enthusiasts. I’ll say no more, except that Evan Glodell embodies everything exciting about movies today and should definitely inspire other filmmakers to do the same. He also gives a great, soulful performance. Sit back and behold.

Rating: 3/4

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