The Twenty-First Century

Wrecked [2011]

90 minutes feel like 90 days in this disappointing suspense movie starring Adrian Brody (the Oscar winner) as a man who awakens inside a wrecked car in the middle of nowhere. With no memory of who he is or how he got there, our man must rely on his primal instincts to survive. As you could probably deduct from the plot, not much happens in “Wrecked”,  and what does happen does so very very sloooowly. First time director Michael Greenspan tries to create a claustrophobic atmosphere for everyone watching; he wants us to think about a situation where we’re trapped with nothing but blood and death surrounding us, much like “127 Hours”. But “127 Hours” it is not. Instead, “Wrecked” drops us into a stranger’s unpleasant situation, and then does very little to make us care for the guy. In fact, and early on in the movie, we learn that he was involved in a bank robbery right before the horrific car crash that killed the rest of the passengers. Can you sympathize with a criminal? Didn’t think so. The always watchable Adrian Brody does what he can with the material at hand, but the movie goes from lame to lamer once the story starts falling into place, before it reaches an unsatisfying conclusion. In other words, it stinks.

Rating: 1.5/4

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