The Twenty-First Century

Final Destination 5 [2011]

Laser eye surgery was invented over a 100 years ago by Lans, a Dutch professor.  I thought you should know this dull fact because it’s the only damn thing left for Hollywood to exploit in a movie. The first “Final Destination” was decent enough, as it introduced the whole “you can’t cheat death” concept. The second one was more of the same, only less likable. Same goes for part three and four. “Final Destination 5” is completely different from everything you’ve seen before. No wait, it isn’t. In fact, and despite a clever finale, there’s absolutely nothing new here. Thrills come fast, but wear-off even faster, as we find yet another person who has horrific premonitions and attempts to alter death’s design. Tough luck buddy. If you’ve seen the previous installments, then you’ll know exactly what happens next. Yet there’s even less plot this time around and the CGI/3D make each death look so cartoonish that it’s not frightening anymore, just dumb and silly. Most memorable demise comes after an annoying character gets killed off during a massage session. Other deaths include crushing, decapitation, impalement…yet some people view this as a comedy! If so, be my guest. They said it was “The final destination” four times before, and they lied. Hopefully, this sequel will keep its word. But with Hollywood these days, a 100th sequel seems inevitable.

Rating: 1.5/4

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