The Twenty-First Century

Take Me Home Tonight [2011]

Topher Grace ditches the 70’s and joins this moderate comedy set in the 80’s as Matt Franlkin, an MIT graduate working at suncoast video while deciding what to do with his life. The answer? Party hard. In a Mercedes stolen by his best pal Barry (also the biggest doofus you’ll ever meet), Matt decides to go to a party hosted by his sister’s boyfriend, where he will eventually try to impress his highschool crush Tori (Teresa Palmer), now an investment banker, who’s impressed when Matt lies about being a rising star at Goldman Sachs. The movie, directed by Michael Dowse, is nothing more than a collection of vignettes, all taking place in one raucous night, one crazy party. Think “American Graffiti” meets “Dazed And Confused”. Yes it features the clothes, the hair, the music. But the laughs are nowhere to be seen. I can tell you this though: all the characters in “Take Me Home Tonight” are likable. There’s chemistry between them, and it’s crucial to make the relationship beween Matt and Tory work.  And I guess we can all agree that the 80’s were something special. Everyone remembers those days, even if you didn’t actually live through them. But all this charm is no match for the big question: why is this movie laugh free? There are other issues too. Whenever the script feels dull, the director turns to music. Of course it would be fine if it was a great cover…but not here. In “Take Me Home Tonight”, it only signals we’re heading into another one of those lame interludes filled with shots of people dancing and drinking booze. Not surprising really, since this movie has been sitting on the shelf for a while now (2007 to be more specific). Where’s John Hughes when you need him the most?

Rating: 2/4

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  1. I partly agree with you because as someone who is not easily amused, I find to movie to be very special and youthful especially the silly which are the funny ones (expect the one particular vulgar sex scene).
    It’s very refreshing and reminiscent of the carpe diem atmosphere of the 80’s.
    The actors are all very light headed and good. There are a lot of sous entendus on the puritanical american society which are indirect critiques. Indeed, the movie’s like an american caricature.
    So the comedy IS funny and the context makes it a magical and not a try too hard kind of comedy.
    I strongly recommend it : )

    • Then you should definitely watch one of my favorite 80’s movies (if u havent yet): Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I love the 80’s, yet Take Me Home tonight failed to entertain me. Still a huge fan of the cast though, and the atmosphere. I only wish the story were as good as its cast.

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