The Twenty-First Century

The Marc Pease Experience [2009]

Extremely unfunny movie starring Jason Schwartzman as Marc Pease, a limo driver with singing aspirations and a bad case of post high school depression. Once upon a time, he flipped out during his school’s production of “The Wiz”, despite every assurance from his drama teacher Mr. Gribble (a wasted Ben Stiller) that he can do it (“You set the bar… so that others can go beyond it!”). Fast forward 8 years, Pease has banked everything on getting his singing group into the studio by trying to persuade Mr. Gribble (who’s now sleeping with Pease’s high school girlfriend) to produce a demo. I can only recall one funny joke, a bathroom set meeting between the members of the singing group that is soon accompanied by off-screen urination. Other than that, there’s absolutely nothing to declare; no set-ups, no punch lines, no nothing. The movie’s just a collection of vignettes and characters that seem only vaguely related to one another. And I think it’s a damn shame,  mostly because Schwartzman’s been funny before (“Rushmore” in particular), as has Stiller (nobody can deny that), as has director Todd Louiso (his credits include supporing roles in “High Fidelity” and “Thank You For Smoking”). Yet if it’s any comfort to the cast and crew, I can offer the following words of advice, uttered by none other than Marc Pease himself: “In eight years  days, none of this will matter.”

Rating: 1.5/4

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