The Twenty-First Century

The Hangover Part II [2011]

I think we can all agree that the first “Hangover” movie was a huge success, both critically and financially. So I guess it was just a matter of time before a follow-up was to be made. Confession: Im always precautious when it comes to sequels. So I went in with no particular expectations, and what I got in return was an above average comedy. Plot wise, “Hangover 2” is more of the same, only less original than its predecessor. This one has more pervasive language, more sexual content (including graphic nudity), and some violent images (make sure you stick through the end credits for that part). If you saw the first film, there’s no need for me to describe the plot this time. It’s exactly the same story. Director Todd Phillips seems to have taken “The Hangover” screenplay and moved it from Las Vegas to Bangkok. All you need to know however is that instead of a baby, there’s a monkey in the room. Stu has a Mike Tyson style tattoo, Alan’s hair is shaven, there’s a detached finger lying around, and it’s not Doug that’s gone this time around-it’s the adolescent Teddy. As a result, our guys set off their search through the city for people who might be able to help them remember the events of the previous night.

 The finger is the first clue. Someone gets shot by a gang of thugs, while someone else turns out to have had sex with a transvestite. Is that funnier? not really. Shocking? probably. But if you liked the first “Hangover” because of its shock value, then you will definitely enjoy what this one has to offer. And in case you’re looking for something more, I can assure you that the element of surprise is not completely off the table. We’ve got Paul Giamatti as a crime boss, and Ken Jeong returns as the hilarious Mr. Chow who’s still in need of a serious mental treatment. I guess that’s more than enough to hook you up for a while. I just wish the people involved in this had produced a more original story. But hey it is a sequel afetrall; one shouldn’t expect miracles.

Rating: 2.5/4

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      • Yes. My mother had a small part in the movie. I guess the movie wasn’t very good so it was never released. I would love to find out who has it or where it is but it’s probably locked away forever.

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