The Twenty-First Century

For Colored Girls [2010]

Drama Drama Drama. If you’re a black man watching this movie, chances are you will find it highly offensive. Why? because every single one of them is portrayed as verbally, sexually, or physically abusive, aswell as selfish and heartless. This depressive film, courtesy of Mr. Tyler Perry (a.k.a Madea) is not only repetitive, but awfully long aswell. Yes we get it: black women suffer a lot in this world. We’ve seen it all before in “Diary Of A Mad Black Woman”, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” and “Madea’s Family Reunion”. The same issues are dealt with again in “For Colored Girls”: Violence against women, death, sexual abuse… Did we need another movie to remind us of that? Not really. One of the good things I could say about it though is that the performances are really good (with the exception of Janet Jackson who seems confused to what she’s doing here). But unfortunately, Perry butchers his film with excessive melodrama and silly writing, that it becomes almost unbearable to watch. Oh and I think it would have been much better if every African American man in the film was not portrayed in such a negative light. I’m sure there are plenty of black men in this world who are educated, loving, honest and respectful. All you have to do is look around you, Tyler Perry.

Rating: 2/4

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