The Twenty-First Century

The Roommate [2011]

Beware! The multiplex has officially become a no-fly zone for good movies. Hum “Amen” while I call out recent filmmaking screw-ups: “The Rite”, “Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son”, “Battle: Los Angeles”, “Season Of The Witch”, and the craptacular “Skyline”. The epidemic continues with this dreadful “thriller” starring Minka Kelly as a college student who finds her safety jeopardized after her new roommate and emotionally unstable freshman Leighton Meester (a.k.a Blair Waldorf) grows obsessed with her. Throw in a couple of ridiculous sub-plots involving Billy Zane as an Art teacher (yikes!), and Kelly’s stalker ex boyfriend, and you got yourself a recipe for disaster. I’ll say no more, except that Danish director Christian E. Christiansen (in his English language debut) has no flair for suspense. His film has no plot, no character development, no nothing. “The Roommate” even fails to be the pointless horror flick that you watch just for the fun of it. Ultimately, it is almost as bad as “I Know Who Killed Me” (you get the picture now). It’s a suspense movie made by people  who’ve apparently never seen a suspense movie before. And I thought “Big Mommas” was bad. Run for your lives!

Fiasco! (what else?)

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