The Twenty-First Century

Resident Evil: Afterlife [2010]

In a year of disappointments, “Afterlife” was definitely one of the sequels that should have never been made. I mean yea the first three movies had their “moments”, but I wish I could say the same about this fourth, and hopefully last installment in this endless series. I’d hate to spoil some things, but this movie is so bad there’s nothing to spoil really. To begin with the plot:  Alice (Milla Jovovich who’s still the best thing in this tired series) is still out to destroy the Umbrella corporation, the company who released a deadly virus that spreads rapidly around the world and turns infected people into zombies. She teams up with Claire Redfield, who at the end of “Extinction” traveled to a so called safe zone known as Arcadia, but has lost her memory. Together, they lead a small group of surivors in a quest to discover the secrets behind Arcadia. And that’s basically it. The story is so thin, I honestly felt like I was watching a TV episode instead of a feature film. And the worst part is, it gets so good towards the end, then boom the credits start rolling. Talk about a cheat! Its true that the movie does provide a couple of entertaining mindless zombie killing scenes that has been seen thoughout the series, but the time between each action sequence lacks substance, good acting, and meaningful dialogue. It’s just so pointless. The ending does leave the door open for yet another sequel (yikes!), but haven’t we had enough already? I know I have.

Rating: 1.5/4

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    • lol not really. The first 3 were fun to watch, but they were never something special! But this one sucked big time!

      • Im actually watching it tomorrow. I wanted to watch it last week but I promised my cousin I would watch it with him this week :p so hopefully I will review it tmw night!

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