The King’s Speech [2010]

I watched “The King’s Speech” with extremely high expectations. Afterall, it swept most of the awards so far, and is basically a shoe in for best picture at the oscars. To be honest, I loved most of it, but I still felt like something was missing. Let’s put it this way: I expected a masterpiece, and all I got was a good movie instead. There’s still no doubt in my mind that the story is cleverly laid out, and that Colin Firth will probably win an oscar for his brilliant performance (possibly the best of his career). The movie gives us a fascinating look into the struggles faced by George VI (Firth) on his way to becoming the next King of England. The man suffers from a bad case of stuttering, and in order for him to become a respected King, he must overcome this problem one way or another. But the heart of the movie is the relationship between him and Lionel Logue (a wonderful Geoffrey Rush), the speech therapist who helped him overcome his speech problems and eventually became one of his closest friends. Both actors did a tremendous job portraying these historical figures and it really is a treat to watch them.

“The King’s Speech” doesn’t forget the human connections with its audience aswell, and I think this is the reason why it ranked among the best movies of 2010 (regardless of the fact that I wanted it to be even greater than it really was). It is critical that we like this man, regardless of who he is, and we do. We want him to succeed, to have his “moment”, and I loved that about it. I found myself rooting for him, eventhough I basically knew nothing about him prior to watching this film. Director Tom Hooper hits all the right notes with his movie, showcasing his actors at their very best, and bringing the period of the 1930’s to life with amazing skill and an incredible eye for details. Moviegoers who think of period piece as dull and uninteresting should put their prejudices aside and watch this exceptional movie. It really is one of the highlights at this year’s oscars, and it shouldn’t be missed.

Rating: 3/4

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  1. I agree with you on all accounts, except one. Of course I was definitely rooting for the King to deliver a flawless speech, and I sympathized with him all the way. But it was very difficult for me to take the whole thing seriously, knowing the tragedy that was awaiting Britain after his speech. In the end, millions died and it didn’t really matter how flawless his delivery was. I don’t think the director was able to overcome this.

    By the way, your reviews are so up to date and good that I find no reason for me to write reviews anymore. 😦

    • True. The speech was only the beginning, but it was a damn good speech, and basically the best thing about the film. But like u said, tragedy was awaiting britain, and I totally agree that the director wasn’t able to overcome this. But one cannot deny the brilliance of Colin Firth’s performance, so I’m willing to let this one pass :p but between the king’s speech and 127 hours, I’ll go with 127 hours.

      P.S: You should keep writing reviews! I’ve read urs and I love ur style. I don’t have much time these days to review older films, so im sticking to everything new for now :p

  2. I think your voting system doesn’t do any justice to this movie… at all !
    Compare your 3/4 with other movies you voted the same… i believe its unfair.
    One thing you didn’t share in your review is the cinematography. Every cadre in this movie looked like a painting, the compositions and angles were astounding… the smoothness of the camera was untouchable. I was drooling… Its like eye-candy!
    Considering your blog reply with Lama, I wonder if we should analyze what is to come after the end of the speech. Its history we all know, the tragedy… but we both know England was pushed into this war, and in the end prevailed. And Churchill became the hero we all know etc. (I think Churchill’s presence in the movie helps us imagine the future)
    The movie is far more serious than a king who stutters and says insults occasionally…
    There’s nothing bad in this movie if it wants to focus on this only personal struggle of this man who stood up and took bigger responsibilities at a decisive time in history… The seriousness i believe is up to you, your sensibility and imagination.

    I think its my favorite movie to win the oscar this year :p
    We’ll see in a couple of days 😉

    I’ve never visited a blog as much as yours lol… And I think I know you !

    • Elias, I love the way you interpreted this movie. And ur right, I should have mentioned the beautiful cinematography, but i guess u beat me to it by saying “it’s like eye-candy” :p I totally agree on that. Now concerning my rating system, I gave “The kings speech” a 3/4, simply because I thought it was good, but not great. I had a good time watching it, and I was basically satisfied with the end result, but I never felt like I was watching a masterpiece (regardless of the fact that im rooting for Colin Firth at the oscars this year). My favorite movie to win the oscar would be “127 hours”, but I know it won’t happen. In other words: my heart is with “127 hours”, but my money’s on “The Kings speech”.

      And yea I think I know you too man. Lycee right? :p Promo 2003 if im not mistaken! God bless our school’s yearbook! haha. Keep visitng dude and feel free to share ur thoughts anytime u want. I love discussing movies, and u probably do too :p so yalla pick a movie and I’m all ears!

      • hey heey again… too late I know :p

        I thought I clicked on the notify thingy…
        Anyway, there’s a lot of new reviews I gotta check out 😉

        All I wanted to say, beside that I thought that King’s Speech was the best movie of the year etc… I thought your voting system just doesnt make justice to this movie… compare it to other movies with a 3/4, its ridiculous lol
        walla 7aram ya zalameh :p
        Same thing with Certified Copy… you familiar with Kiarostami btw?
        I think you need to watch his movies a couple of times… I think you might change your judgment. Have you seen ‘Taste of cherry’, ‘Close up’, ‘Where is my friend’s house?’ etc… its one those films-d’auteurs where you need to consider different elements when you watch. The guy is a living legend.
        I know its somehow weird to rate those different types of movies etc… and sorry If i seem pretentious, I’m one those people who like to debate a lot! hehe
        I’m curious if you’ve seen ‘Pierrot le Fou’ for Godard 🙂

        I’m adding you on FB!

      • I might change my opinion once I see more of his movies! Thats always the case with such directors. I wasn’t exactly a fan of Bergman, until I saw his amazing “Wild Strawberries”. I havent seen Pierrot Le Fou. I wouldn’t call myself an expert in European cinema. But I am learning :p maybe u could help me out a lil bit. I spent a lot of time digging into old forgotten american films. B film noirs from the 40s and 50s, the comedy of Buster Keaton, abbott and costello and Harold Lloyd. Horror films from the 30s and 40s aswell. I think its time for some European marathon now :p

  3. I agree, it’s a good movie yes and i loved colin firth, but it’s not the greatest. i saw it after the oscars and i expected to be really enormously blown away, it’s actually harsh when u put such high expectations and get a good movie :p

      • hehe this means so much to me! Thank u again and again 😀 I will always review as many movies as I can, so u can make a list and watch the best ones :p but u dnt have to agree with all the time of course :p

    • hehe exactly! I wish I got the chance to watch it before it became such a huge success! I had high hopes, but i was a bit disappointed! but its still a fine movie tho without a doubt!

  4. ouf i see lots of arguments concerning this movie:P well i just watched it yesterday and i can safely say that its a solid movie with probably the most brilliant acting by both actors ( Firth and Rush) since some time. i totally agree with the score, its not a masterpiece,but the acting is.

    • Kudos for the acting. I love Rush and Firth was amazing. I only wish the story was better. But all in all, its a good movie!

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