The Twenty-First Century

Flipped [2010]

“Flipped” is easily the best relationship movie I’ve seen since “500 Days Of Summer”. I’m a guy who doesn’t stand Nicholas Sparks and his cheesy stories, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate a good movie about the ups and downs of love. And “Flipped” is exactly that. It’s heartwarming, fresh and perfectly acted by the two young leads (Callan McAuliffe and Madeline Caroll). The film is told in a clever he-said she-said style, where the same scene is often told twice from the two opposite points of view. How does it work? We see the opening scene twice. The first time as explained by the boy, and the second time explained by the girl. This sort of formula works like a charm, but of course with proper dosage. Director Rob Reiner (“When Harry Met Sally”, “Stand By Me”…) makes sure we get the proper amount of comedy, romance and sadness. The film is also a great showcase for the two young actors, who are more than perfect for their roles. Both their characters are interesting and colorful.

“Flipped” is the kind of movie that gives love a great name.  No one can give it a bad review. I really can’t see how anyone could pick a fight with this film. It does exactly what it wants to do and more. There’s no doubt about it that you will find it as sweet and cute as I did.

Rating: 3/4

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      • hehe well heres the thing: I usually get old collectable movies from virgin or I order them from amazon. Bass for the new movies, I get them either from a place near me (very good quality), or from BH (thats borj hammoud :p). I only get good quality movies. Iza fi shi sourto mech zyede i dont get it!

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