The Twenty-First Century

The Last Exorcism [2010]

Documentary style horror movie about a reverend who agrees to take part in exposing exorcism as a fraud. Working with a film crew, he chooses at random a plea letter from a man who claims that his daughter has been possessed by a demon. Prior to the exorcism, the reverend plants hidden speakers and electronic devices in her room in order to convince the family that he is really driving a demon out. The ritual over, the film crew leaves, believing that they have in fact cured the girl from her mental state. Things go awfully wrong when the girl shows up at their motel room that night with a possessed look on her face. I admit: I’m a sucker for movies dealing with the supernatural. And because of that, I cannot completely dismiss “The Last Exorcim”, eventhough I found it to be average at best. Some scenes were really horrifying (the exorcism part was especially chilling), and I liked the fact that it was shot as if it was a documentary. With that aside, I still wish the film was better than it really was. It starts out really well, but things get pretty lame only halfway through, before it reaches an unthinkable (and might I add unsatisfying) conclusion. Too bad, especially when it had the potential to be better than most of the crappy horror flicks we see nowadays. The tag line says “If you believe in God, then you must believe in the devil”. I say: If you believe in Hollywood, then there’s no reason for you to believe in this movie.

Rating: 2/4

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