The Twenty-First Century

Everybody’s Fine [2009]

Exceptional movie about a widower (Robert DeNiro who’s never been better) who goes on a road trip in order to reconnect with his children who bailed on a family reunion. He sets out to see his artist son in NYC, his daughter the ad executive in Chicago, his son the conductor on tour in Denver, and his daughter who’s a performer in Las Vegas, only to find out that they’ve been keeping secrets from him and that their lives are far from perfect. The good cast makes this simple story a treat to watch, but one thing that I loved about  it is DeNiro’s heartwarming performance. He was simply terrific and I think it’s a shame that not a lot of people gave this movie a chance at the time of its release. Is the story special? not really. But it’s a satisfying and even touching little snapshot of family life, and because of that, I would definitely recommend it.

Fun fact: During the film, the character of Frank, who made his livelihood in telephone wire, uses land-line telephones (payphones, etc). The children all use mobile (wireless) telephones.

Rating: 3/4

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  1. oh i loved this one! i loved how he imagined his children as little kids every time he saw’s a gd movie with a point i believe

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