The Twenty-First Century

The Tourist [2010]

Johnny Depp looks bored out of his mind as an American visiting Venice to mend a broken heart. Angelina Jolie plays the woman who crosses his path, and uses him as a decoy to convince the police that he is in fact her wanted lover. The two lack chemistry, but that’s just one of the things that went wrong in this awfully uneven movie. “The Tourist” tries to rip off every Hitchcock movie ever made (“North By Northwest”, “To Catch A Thief”…) to no avail. The story is slow and we barely get to see some action. It’s  a “suspense” movie made by people who’ve apparently never seen a suspense movie before; painfully predictable from the word go. Some might say that the real star here is Venice itself; it’s true that the locations are beautiful, but even the locations can’t make up for a weak script. I wonder why Depp and Jolie got themselves mixed up with this in the first place (they both deserve better).

Fun fact: Angelina Jolie admitted in an interview with Vogue Magazine that the only reason she agreed to do this movie was because she knew it would be a “quick shoot” in Venice, Italy.

Rating: 2/4

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