The Twenty-First Century

Skyline [2010]

What the makers of this horrible movie don’t seem to understand is that we’ve seen it all before: “Independance Day”, “War Of The Worlds”, “Cloverfield” and even last year’s “District 9”. Unless you’re not familiar with any of these films, then there’s no reason for you to watch and enjoy “Skyline”. In fact, I urge you to avoid it at all costs. I’m a huge fan of science fiction movies, but this one is pushing it. It took two people to direct it, and the result is one big fat mess. How are we supposed to pretend that all this is really happening when there’s only 6 people running around L.A trying to survive? Not to mention how bored they look trying to act their way through it. Even “Twilight” had more life than this lame piece of crap. I’ve seen a lot of bad movies this year, but this one takes the cake. If you want a real sci-fi flick, try  “District 9” instead.

Fun fact: The film was completely financed by Colin and Greg Strause without the assistance of any major studio. Big mistake.



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